Simple Carb Replacements

Carbs are not bad!  They can be healthy, in fact, when they are whole and complete because they’re packed with fiber and nutrition (think whole rolled oats, barley, quinoa, wheat berries, legumes, veggies etc).  The problem with carbs comes when they are overly processed and simplified — the body doesn’t have to work very hard to digest them.  The body responds to carbs by turning them into glucose.  The more complete and complex the carb, the slower that process.  The slower that process, the longer your body feels satiated because the glucose enters the bloodstream at a slow, steady pace.  The simpler the carb (think enriched white flour, sugar, even whole wheat four because it is highly processed so the carb is not whole and complete — but it is still much better than enriched white –, etc) the quicker it enters the bloodstream, thereby creating a spike in blood glucose (sugar).

The problem with that spike is that it triggers the release of a lot of insulin in the bloodstream all at once (insulin disperses the glucose)  and the glucose is dispersed quickly.  Immediately following that process, hunger sets in.  And that’s where the tricky, over-eating cycle begins.

Enter Almond meal — It has only 5 grams of carbs, compared to 22grams in whole wheat flour and 27grams in brown rice flour).  If you can substitute almond meal for at least 1/2 the flour in recipes, that’s a huge gift to your blood glucose function.

My whole intention here is to have you look at your food in a different way; to get you to appreciate the immense choices you have out there; to get you to play around with the preparation of your food to make it just a little healthier; and to have you replace some of the store bought, packaged products for wholesome things you can make at home (plus it’s cheaper in the end!!).  (BTW — almond meal is also a delicious breading for chicken and fish!!!)

I don’t believe you have to make crazy huge changes to get healthier.  I think you have to come to my class (of course I’m going to put a plug in for my class!!!) and make little changes in the way you eat and prepare your food for you and your family. You’ll find you have more energy, less mood swings and more control over your cravings.

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